The Clan Jam

March 8 - 11 2019

Our annual family music festival, The Clan Jam, is a relaxed yet festive all ages event held over the Labour Day Weekend each year.  The next Clan Jam is March 9 - 11th, 2019.

We have 2 live music stages, bands, DJ's and performance artists.  Our workshop program includes silent disco, percussion workshops, live art demos, crafting and costume making, theatre sports, yoga and mindfulness activities.  It is so, so much fun and affordable for the family. Day passes also available for our local friends.

See all the details and prices at the  Clan Jam Website, and keep abreast of the updates on our Iive acts and news on facebook @theclanjam.

Early bird tickets now available!  Glamping too!  How very fancy.


November 23 - 25 2018

SHABLISS is a 3 day Shabbat & Music Festival that aims to be inclusive of people from different walks of life, providing people with an opportunity to find their own expressions of ‘bliss’ in the context of a holistic communal festival over Shabbat. SHABLISS features live performances from local artists, workshops, yoga, meditation, market stalls and children's activities.

Like the SHABLISS facebook page here for all the updates!

Farm Garden Garlic

Our farm garden was used recently for a crop of garlic.  Check out the details on the blog article

Doesn't Walk Like a Duck, Doesn't Quack like a Duck but is a Garlic Farmer